Hard Money

Hard money is a short term bridge loan in which it could be considered as a cash offer on rehab for Residential and Commercial properties. Those distressed properties usually have potential equity for investors to maximize profit.


A hard money loan is almost like a cash loan, secured by a real property. Hard money loans are usually great for borrowers who are looking for a short term financing. Such loans usually comes from private lenders and investors since traditional banks do not usually offer this type of loan.

2. Hard money vs soft money mortgages?

Hard money is a monetary loan used to purchase a real estate residential or commercial property, while soft money is a monetary loan not intended for a specific use. You often find hard money lenders more than soft money lenders.

3. Do you have a hard money loan calculator?

Yes. you can always try out our smart mortgage calculator to figure out your loan payment calculations. This calculator automatically figures out the balloon payment for you, based on the loan amortization period.


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