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Real Estate Funding Solutions offers great funding options for both long term and short term financing in all 50 states. Based on each deal scenario, we structure the proper Mortgage Product which benefits our clients the most. Our customer service and underwriting experience gives us the ability to beat other lenders offers which will always guarantee our clients the most competitive loan products!

Some of the loan types are included, but not limited to Residential, Commercial, Mixed-use, Hard Money, Multifamily Investment, Fix and Flips, as well as other stated financial products that require NO tax and NO income verification.

  • NO credit checks until approved!
  • FREE term sheets!
  • NO upfront or any hidden fees!

Feel free to email us your completed 1003, credit report, and appraisal (if available)

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No Tax No Income Products

No tax no income products are financial products that require no financial documents to be eligible for the loan. They are also known as “Stated loans”

Many private lenders usually offer competitive financing for stated loans, especially for experienced buyers with cash liquidity.

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Refinance is a process where the homeowner can transfer the current loan to another lender for better rates and terms.

The new loan is often used to pay off the old loan, therefore most refinances are used to reduce mortgage payments which saves homeowners money in the long run.

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Multi Family Purchase

A multifamily home is a residential real estate property that is usually two to four units. Properties that have five units and up would be considered commercial properties.

Many banks and private lenders offer several loan products for multifamily properties based on the intent of use as well as other factors.

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Single Family Purchase

A single family home is a residential real estate property that is usually one unit.
Single family homes tend to be separated from other real estate properties by having its own land 

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Hard Money

In the real estate world, Hard money is equivalent to cash, and most likely the quickest way to obtain a loan from private lenders or investors.

Besides the fact that this loan process is much faster than other loan types, hard money loans are usually secured by real estate collaterals or the same real estate properties used for the purpose of the loan.

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Mixed Use

A mixed use property is residential and commercial, both combined within the same real estate building or establishment.

In real estate, mixed use refers to a property used for multiple purposes. For example, a store located on the first floor with apartments on the second floor would be considered a mixed use property.


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A commercial property is a real estate building that has 5 units or more, and is usually used for commercial or business purposes such as apartment buildings, hotels, malls, office buildings, and stores.

Just like residential real estate, many banks and private lenders offer various mortgage products for commercial properties.

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SBA 504 & 7a

SBA or Small Business Administration refers to funding individuals to satisfy their financial needs to start or grow their current business.

Many banks and private lenders offer several loan products for small businesses based on experience, credit score, as well as the income.

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Fix and Flip

Fix and Flip refers to a real estate property that is purchased below market value due to repairs, for the purpose of fixing those repairs and relisting it back on the market for a larger profit margin.

Many banks and private lenders offer financing based on the estimated value before and after repairs/rehab done to the property. Experienced investors/builders often get the most competitive deals on fix and flips due to their experience in managing real estate projects as well as real estate transactions.

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Ground Up Construction

Ground up construction is also known as new construction and refers to building a real estate property from the ground up.

The term “Ground up construction” is usually used for both residential and commercial properties for the purpose of transforming a vacant land to a developed property.

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Foreign National

A foreign national mortgage is often offered to individuals who do not reside in the United States, and usually are non-citizens who seek a real estate property located within the United States of America.

Most banks do not offer this specific loan product due to many risk factors.

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Equity Share

Equity shares often represent the joint ownership between the owner and the investor for the purpose of generating profit from real estate transactions or investments, mostly related to real estate development, land, as well as other projects.

The profit share that is established between the property owner and investor is usually based on the equity produced from the completion of a specific project, land, or property.

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