Fix and Flip

Real Estate Funding Solutions offers competitive Fix and Flip Loans along with many other creative financial products for experienced as well as non-experienced investors. We guarantee beating other lenders terms by offering the most competitive loan products.

1. What is A fix and flip?

Fix and flip is a process where investors purchase a distressed or under market value property that requires minimal rehab, or major construction that will result in potential equity. One of the main components in fix and flips is ARV (after repair value).

2. What is the best strategy when it comes to investing in fix and flip real estate?

Fix and Flip seems like a simple investment process, however there are a few key points you may need to know before proceeding:

  • Finding the right deal
  • Finding the right financing
  • Finding the right contractor
  • Estimating the cost of rehab/repairs
  • Managing the project & Meeting the deadlines
  • Finding the right buyer
3. Do you offer hard money for fix and flip Deals?

Yes, Real Estate Funding Solutions offers the most creative and aggressive terms for fix and flip financial products. Our long term realtionships with our private investors allows us to beat other lenders disclosures.


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