Single Family Purchase

Real Estate Funding Solutions offers Programs for Single Family Purchase that are FULLY AMORTIZED (3/1, 5/1, 7/1 and 30 year fixed). We provide term sheets at no cost without asking for SSN. We offer short term and long term financing options for real estate acquisitions with No requirement for any financial documents such as Tax Returns and Bank Statements.

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    This is one type of mortgage loans where borrowers can finance the entire purchase of the property, rather than doing a cash transaction towards the purchase.

    Yes, single family homes could be very beneficial and profitable in many ways such as fix & flip, fix & hold, investment property rental, and new ground up construction building.

    The main advantage of investing into a single-family home is to generate cash flow; you can generate income monthly by renting out the property to tenants, generate income quarterly by reselling after increasing the value of a distressed single-family home, or generate income annually by building a new construction single family home.

    Borrowers have the option to purchase properties through long-term or short-term funding options. Selecting the proper financing option for real estate purchase is solely based on the purpose of purchasing the real estate property.

    Fix and flip, fix and hold, and ground up construction investments.

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