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Rate & Term Refinance

Real Estate Funding Solutions offers the most competitive mortgage terms for rate and term refinances. We offer the lowest loan rates in the market with no financial documents requirement for properties that are non owner occupied with proof of rental income from tenants, as well as fully occupied investment properties that generate steady cash flow each month.

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    Rate & Term Refinance is one type of real estate funding options where borrowers replace their current real estate loan product with another loan product with better loan terms. When closing on a deal, the old mortgage gets paid off and borrowers are required to make their new monthly mortgage payments towards the new loan.

    Rate & term refinance can be a great idea only if the current mortgage rate is lower than the rate on the existing mortgage, where the new mortgage monthly payment is lower after refinancing into the new rate & term loan.

    The max LTV (loan to value) for rate term refinance is usually 80% of the property value on investment properties or properties that are non-owner occupied and 75% LTV on primary residence properties or properties that are owner occupied. Although these numbers may vary based on the lender as well as other factors pertaining to borrowers.

    Rate and term option is one of the options to refinance a residential mortgage, besides the cash out refinance option.

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