Commercial mortgage

Real Estate Funding Solutions will NOT run your credit if you have an existing credit report for your commercial mortgage application. Once all documents are reviewed, we will provide you with term sheets at no cost. Feel free to email your credit report and appraisal (if available).

1. What is a commercial mortgage?

A commercial mortgage is a secured loan for a commercial property (non-residential) collateralized by the same property used to borrow the funds from the lender.

2. What is mortgage backed security?

MBS or Mortgage-backed Security is a secured bond backed by MBS investors to maintain mortgage availability to homeowners across the nation while reducing risks for banks.

3. Do you have a commercial mortgage rate calculator?

Yes, our smart mortgage calculator helps you manage your budget for your next real estate purchase or refinance. Our advanced calculator will automatically calculate your loan principal, monthly payment, as well as the payable balance with interest.

4. Can you provide commercial mortgage near me?

Absolutely, our user-friendly website gives the ability to complete a 1003 mortgage application electronically, so that one of our loan specialists gets back to you within 24 hours to go over the ideal funding option that best fits your deal scenario.


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