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Real Estate Funding Solutions offers long and short term financing options with the Most Competitive Rates & Terms for NO Doc Loans & Stated Financial Products for ALL Residential & Commercial Properties Nationwide. No Tax Return Documents, No Income Source Verification & No Seasoning Required for Both long term as well as short term Financing Options.

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    No Doc loans or stated loans are usually offered by non-traditional lenders, mostly investors and private lenders. This type of loan gives the borrowers the ability to purchase Residential and Commercial properties without providing financial documents.

    Yes, Real Estate Funding Solutions offers no income verification loans for all mortgage products, as borrowers have the option to NOT provide any income or tax documentations.

    Most Mortgage Lenders allow no doc loans in scenario where borrowers have good credit and have approximately 20% of the purchase price in cash liquidity, which funds are used as down payment towards the purchase transaction of the subject property.

    Absolutely, however most lenders require the subject property to be an investment property / non owner occupied, in order for borrowers to qualify for no doc mortgage loans / stated loans.

    Fully amortized loans are properly structured for borrowers to have the ability to fully pay off their entire loan amount, after making all the scheduled mortgage payments successfully as planned.

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