Commercial Real Estate Secured Funding Solutions

For the small fledgling business or startup seeking secured funding for their new venture, it can be difficult finding a lender keen on taking a risk on a business that doesn’t have an established financial portfolio. That’s why many small businesses choose residential real estate secured funding solutions. When applying for this type of loan, the borrower uses their existing residential property as collateral for their business. Lenders are much more accepting of applications which leverage residential real estate as a form of securing capital.

Are Residential Real Estate Secured Funding Solutions Right for Me?

You may be deciding if Residential Real Estate Secured Funding Solutions are right for you. If you’re an individual owner of a sole proprietorship or the CEO of your own small company, then this loan type may absolutely fit all the criteria you’d need for short-term and long-term business financing. Additionally, there are SBA type loans that are flexible in their use of collateral that may parallel many of the features of this loan type, but ultimately its best to reach out to our experts to see which loan type best suits your need and which you’re most likely to qualify for. SBA loans can have a higher threshold in terms of credit requirements and documentation, but they do have the added benefit of being federally backed. This means even lower fixed interest rates and more guidelines and restrictions on the part of the lender, equaling more protection for you as the borrower.

Whether your business is just starting or needs that last push to achieve success among increasing client demands, market expansion, or close a production loop, reach out to Real Estate Funding Solutions today and let one of our experienced financial representatives guide you through all of the options available to you, and assist you in finding exactly the right type of loan for you. We know the wide variety and options of loans we offer can become overwhelming, which is why we offer hands-on customer service and assistance. We can help you take care of every aspect of your capital acquisition needs, as well as prepare and process all of the documentation needed to submit a loan to a lender and land the best funding for your operations, regardless of if you’ve decided on a loan type or not. Don’t wait, reach out to one of our financial experts today and gain the equipment and inventory you need to be highly successful in a competitive market.

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