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Have you considered looking at the same factors used by mortgage lenders in NJ when underwriting real estate loans? How do you get approved for a low rate and be able to negotiate terms?

Clients throughout the US constantly shop around for the best financial services that offer the cheapest mortgage products before purchasing properties.

In order to take advantage of these great financial services offered by mortgage professionals and in order to have the ability to be approved for the lowest rate when applying for a mortgage loan. You may need to consider a few important factors that lenders use when determining clients’ loan terms and eligibility.

Major points you should always consider before purchasing any real estate property


When taking a close look at your finances before starting a mortgage process, you should always make sure that your income on paper is much higher than your total expenses. The total debt is a critical factor to consider when shopping around for low mortgage rates, as most financial providers and mortgage lenders in NJ need to ensure that you’ve got enough cash liquidity and a stable income so that the loan that they disburse is as secured as possible

If you want to make sure that you constantly get the most competitive terms out there, you may want to avoid negative inquiries related to paying debts such as late payments, bankruptcies, or any defaults

Having a decent amount of down payment on a property is also a HUGE factor when determining mortgage terms. It is ideal to show that you have about 20% of the total loan amount in order to get the best deal and to avoid paying additional mortgage fees charged by lenders. It is important to ensure that the total debt amount is less than half of the total income, as your debt-to-income ratio should follow Lender’s guidelines.


Owning a real estate property is another substantial factor when targeting low mortgage rates. Whether or not a property is being used for family or investment, you WILL benefit from OWNING an asset, as opposed to NOT retaining any real estate properties – Mortgage Lenders in NJ will always consider giving the best terms if you have the experience dealing with mortgage debts.

How could you gain from owning an existing property on your next real estate purchase?

If the property owned is being used for investment, you WILL benefit from upcoming real estate purchases if you provide a rental lease to show the amount of money coming in each month. Mortgage lenders in NJ could use this income as an additional source of revenue to factor into the equation when determining loan terms.

Always remember that calculating applicants’ income vs debt is mandatory when underwriting loans!

FICO Scores

Your credit rating WILL be subject to a review in order to verify previous financial matters reported by credit bureaus such as unpaid bills, foreclosures, or liens.

Commercial lenders in NJ factor in credit to analyze your level of responsibility especially when it comes to paying off debt. It is ideal to keep your scores above 700 to be able to negotiate loan terms with lenders throughout the nation. Your ability to handle and pay bills on time WILL impact your profit margin and your overall success, especially when dealing with private lenders in the real estate industry. 

Just keep in mind that Commercial mortgage lenders in NJ must ensure that you are a qualified candidate who WILL pay back the debt owed!

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